AOL Energy Week In Review

on May 20, 2011 at 5:00 PM

The proliferating impacts of the continuing drama at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant continued to dominate news in the energy business and Breaking Energy covered the story.

Fukushima brought down the CEO of TEPCO today, and prompted the cancellation of a number of proposed new nuclear power plants in Japan. The incident has provoked a widespread reevaluation of nuclear safety regulations in the US, and prompted the cancellation of NRG Energy’s planned Texas nuclear units.

In an Breaking Energy exclusive, Felicity Carus discussed with Google why the internet giant is avoiding nuclear energy and focusing on renewable fuels and transmission deals as part of its burgeoning investment in the electricity sector. An agreement with two Midwestern utilities was a major new leap for the company in its involvement in the transmission component, and Google will use its access to transmission infrastructure to build out its planned fiber optic high-speed internet cables.

Loescher Continues To Lead

The most popular piece on Breaking Energy this week was the featured column by Siemens CEO Peter Loescher. Siemens remains a leading investor in the US energy business, and Loescher’s writing about natural gas reflected many of the realities of the energy sector in the US today, where natural gas remains the overwhelmingly dominant fuel of choice for power generation.

Breaking Energy talked extensively about natural gas this week, featuring in-depth analysis of the fuel’s legislative outlook (which remains deeply uncertain).

Major firms continue to invest vast amounts in natural gas production despite its challenges and the threat of new federal government regulation. A vast new floating liquefied natural gas facility was announced by Shell, with the company confirming it plans to widen its exploratory program for new vast natural gas production and storage facilities.

Federal regulators continue to push for renewable fuel usage in power generation, and the Director of the Department of Energy’s Loan Program Office Jonathan Silver made a splash on Breaking Energy with his detailed outline of the federal agency’s continued commitment to renewable fuels.

Thanks for reading Breaking Energy this week, we look forward to bringing you stories next week on green finance, electric vehicles, the future of coal in the US electricity sector, as well as coverage of the increasingly international market focus adopted by US energy companies long accustomed to regulation-imposed limitations on their global activities.

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